Escapemates Game Ideas for hopscotch challenge


Do you have any other ideas
People who give ideas will be given credit😀


That looks really cool! Maybe you can add a background?


Add Emojis!!!

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Maybe add a background and/or more design effects?

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I can help with the map and moving! This seems like a great idea!

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Thanks Mindcool24, If you could that would be helpful. Then post your background on this forum.
I need to keep clones down for less crashing, 10 clones per object.

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Also credits will be shown once you finish the game, because of a glitch that makes rules open and hide everything else but with the credits it will not hide anything but the rules.

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Ok… Here is the movement code ( it’s really simple…) and should be easy to implament


Could you give me examples of effects plz.

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Like, interesting design effects —
Layering two shapes to make the shape have an outline, bold text, sleek transitions, etc.
There’s bound to be some in featured projects.

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I could make a super fast gradient on the starting screen, just use this and take your pick.


Add a background, make it more aesthetically pleasing, good amount of bold text (not too much), color choices, etc. I’d suggest you see my new E-Pad screenshots, if you want to join E-Pad Beta testers.


That’s awesome!

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Thanks dude.

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