"Error Zero" Story (4 writer spots available, 1 editor spot)



ANNOUNCEMENT: it says no characters left, but I may make an exception; I'm not sure how many characters we'll need

Hey guys. It's SO cool that Hopscotchified is inspiring many of you to create your own Hopscotch story.

I'm doing another! I'll be accepting up to 8 writers, 3 editors, and 5 characters (numbers are not final)

Requirements to write/edit

-have a Hopscotch email
-can access Google Docs
-are comfortable with almost all genres of fictional writing (comedy, horror, fantasy, etc.)

Form to write/edit

Do you meet all requirements:
Hopscotch username:
Suggestion for book/movie/TV show it will crossover with:
First 3 letters/numbers of Hopscotch email:
Favorite genre of writing:
Sample of your writing:

Form for character

Hopscotch username:
Character name (can be Hopscotch username):


  1. @CreativeCoder
  2. @LotsaPizza
  3. @PopTart0219
  4. @Giraffedolphin26

  1. @Rawrbear
  2. @GysvANDRegulus

  1. POV character (person TBA; me? idk)
  2. EJ
  3. Glitter Kitty
  4. Drago
  6. Seven
  7. Pop Tart


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Have you finsished the other one????!!??!?!???!


Whoa, enough exclamation points and question marks! We're working on it. I'm doing Hopscotchified, this, and The Hopergent Runner at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


Glitter Kitty
Surprise me


Oh ok! I hoped/did-not-hope that you had finished Hopscotchified!


Can I be a character
Hopscotch username: DragonDog
Character name : Drago
Male/female: male
Good/bad: good
Other: Good at building


Hopscotch username: was Stampy's fans, now THE ORDER OF THE STONE
Character name (can be Hopscotch username): the coder
Male/female: male, i guess
Good/bad: the evilest evildoer of all time
Other: good at combat and great at riddles-thinking of them and doing them
Other other: has red hair, aqua eyes, creepy smile, sinister breath and a heart to kill
That sums him up I think!


The evilest evildoer of all time...your character sounds like fun


Ok I think I got my other: good at building


I would like to be a writer and have my OC, Seven, be a character.
Username: LotsaPizza :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:
Suggestion: Maze Runner :P, Divergent
Email: lph
Favorite Genre: Horror/Combat/Sadness
I brushed my hand against Kris's wound. The blood seeped on it, flooding onto my hands. I simply rubbed my hands against my pants, and returned to treating for her. Tears were streaming down her face. I frowned at her.
She didn't look at me.
Her eyes averted upwards, towards me.
"I want you to stay indoors. Don't leave for the Code. Stay here."
"What if I die?"
"Time will tend to you," I turn to Time. He nods.
"I'm trusting you, Seven."
For Seven:
Name: Seven
Gender: Female
Other: Pink hair, raven tattoos on her neck/chest, abstract tattoo on her right arm.


Me too XD also one with @Phase_Studios!


Sure. You probably didn't need the sample of your writing, I have a ton of that already :P

I'll send you the doc. I started it a bit.


Hopscotch username: PopTart0219
Suggestion for book/movie/TV show it will crossover with: ??
First 3 letters/numbers of Hopscotch email: pop
Favorite genre of writing: adventure/sci-fi
Sample of your writing: don't have it now, but I'm excellent :wink:

Hopscotch username: PopTart0219
Character name (can be Hopscotch username): Pop Tart
Male/female: female
Good/bad: whatever you need
Other: tell me if you need description


So I'm guessing you want to write, or do you want to edit, or...?


I can do both :wink: (invalid)


Well writers usually edit too :wink:

Wait...I need the email to add you. Post it and then delete it once I like it..


I'd love to write but I don't have any of those requirements except for the genre one.


@friendship2468 Sorry, you need that to edit the doc :confused:


Ok, I shared it to you @PopTart0219