Error with hopscotch links



So. Whenever someone posts a hopscotch link, it always opens in the web browser by default. And even though I have hopscotch installed on my iPad, there’s never an option to open it in the app. This is kind of annoying, @Ana @Liza @whoever else can you figure out why this is happening and how to fix it?


Tap and hold the link. You should see something like this:

Just tap the button which says ’ Open in “Hopecotch”.’

Hope this helps.


I tried that. The open in hopscotch isn’t there



May I see a screenshot?


Give me a project link



It’s still not there, same thing as the picture above


Okay somethings odd.

That was supposed to be the top trending project.

Let’s try a different link. I might have to go into the app if this doesn’t work.


Yeah still no open in hopscotch option





Can you open the Hopscotch app at all?


Yeah, but not through links


Do you have an old version of Hopscotch?


Well, I don’t have the latest version yet, but the version I have isn’t really ‘old’


Could you tap the “Settings button” when you are at the “Me” tab and click on Help>About? After that, post your Hopscotch version number on here.


Maybe you need to do something in Settings, like turn on something like “Access app from the web”? (That might not even be a setting.)