Err, THT, this is bad. Please click on topic



Um you guys (THT) @Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @Asha @Awesomeonion
You featured the wrong project. You guys accidently featured a remix of FoodDelivery's project. The person who got on featured with the remix is an imposter. That person is not the real FoodDelivery and I really think you should swap features. The original project for the remix. The difference between the remixed project has no difference to the original project FoodDelivery made. I guess this was just a silly mistake that THT made but I think this is a bit unfair if the remixer did nothing and FoodDelivery did all the work.


That's weird. First post!


Food Delivery :pizza: stole credit from @FoodDelivery. NOT GOOD


Much of weird.
But who is the remixer?
Since it's also the same food delivery


He didn't steal credit. He simply said, "he got sum skillz". That's complementing FoodDeluvery, actually. :)

And guys, it's not "really really super bad". Maybe THT made a mistake? Anyhow, FoodDelivery​:pizza: didn't do anything wrong. He's obviously a fan account, and that's fine. :)



Or FoodDelivery​:pizza: could be an alternate account of his.


Thats not true. It's a fan. But FoodDelivery should be up there.


Ah, we're really sorry about this. We removed the project and featured the right one!

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:




I saw that this morning and I was really confused.


No he didn't :wink:
(oh darn im a hypocrite

He complemented the original maker :wink:


It's alright, Liza! We understand :D

Anyone can make mistakes :)