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Hi! (Yes, I know, I almost always start with "hi" as an intro)

So, as many of you know, I am working on a "project".

That "project" is, ermm, lets say halfway finished. I have made the music


Imagine by John Lennon, took 3 days (was on 1 hr each day) to make.

Did you ever have a time where you thought, "Omg I have this amazing idea, it will be the best" and then forgot about it?

I need ideas! My lost my train of thought and need you!

Ok, to the point. Any game that fits with peaceful stuff.




Ever played Mr. Jump?
Something like that, but more scenery


Sorry, I don't have any ideas of my own :frowning:

But, search "nature games" online and maybe you'll find something!


how about, you control 2 people at once and you go around a scenic world trying to find their lost diamond
and thx for mentioning me!


(BTW I love that song!)


Try to collect as many flowers and frogs as you can! Then share them with all of the hopscotch characters


(to adducting!)
Maybe using that diamond theycraft sonething, when they are do lots of wrong combinations using that diamond, this comes up


Any more suggestions?


Candy crush is peaceful


Create terraria


Or almost any type of puzzle game is peaceful


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Umm, this is going to sound weird but maybe like an adventure game thing, like a you choose but like in the wilderness. Hang on, let me rephrase that. So, have you ever read the book stranded? You probably haven't, but my idea would be like STRANDED the game. So, you would be on like a cruise and your ship would crash and get...(yep, you guessed it) Stranded! You would have to try to survive(build fire, make shelter, go to other side of the island for water, get food, avoid wild boars, and etc.) and get rescued(by making a huge fire, SOS on the beach, and etc.) If you got rescued you would win.

PS: Probably not a timed game like 'Helicopter Rescue' by MagmaPOP



Hmmm...I wish I could tell you my game-in-progress...But SPOILERS!


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Can you think of any game that fits with Imagine?

If no one can, Ill have to archive it ;-;


I have no idea what u mean by "Imagine"


Where you tap imagine and it has everything, blue cow quacking dog ect., on asheet, then build your dream, like free wifi, cotten candy pillows, with a layer if EXPENSIVE non-sticky layer


The song?


Thanks for tagging me

Can you make "imagine" more specific?