Erm... I got some good-ish news now XD



Wow such irony

I wore this during softball practice lel


Lel. I'm just here eating a ring pop when dinner is ready

Wow Nia so productive






I'm just walking around my room because my bed is filled with homework and binders and stuff


My life story


might wanna get to that homework :wink:




Aww that stinks!

It totally takes away a the fun of having a school iPad when the App Store is restricted. D:


we dont even have an app store on our ipads lol


App Store was restricted on mine. But that's why we were on the fourm during class

This explains why I learned less then everyone else


same, and hopscotch just happened to be on self service last year :3


Are you serious :worried::worried::worried:

That's just boring


well we had hopscotch


My school isn't going to get 1:1 iPads until like a week or too

but my sister has the App Store restricted on hers
But I know our school iPads have hopscotch I saw it


lucky D=


Like, it stinks you have to leave, but maybe it's for the best. You probably won't have much time to go on in High school, plus HS could distract you.


THF is distracting me from homework

But meh

I'll just do it later


lol again, I already know approximately how much free time i'll have, I'll have literally hours of nothing in my schedule, and that's accounting for any extreme piles of homework from history, english, or biology

(computer programming homework will be easy for me, :3, and I just spent about a month memorizing the hiragana alphabet, so japanese will be easy for a while)


That stinks.:confused:

You were always my Senspai.

I hope you come back! Do you have a computer to at least accses the forums?