Erm... I got some good-ish news now XD



Yeah! I got my iPad back early! =D opens self service (we have the appstore restricted so this is the thing we use @ my school)

5 minutes of scrolling later

where's... where's hopscotch!?!


no really though... ik I'm in highschool now, (le gasp), and this app is made for 9-12 yr olds, (don't argue, look at the app description in the appstore) but... I'm taking computer programming now and there aren't ANY coding apps... there should be at least one ;-;

So I guess... goodbye maybe?

-enters username even though you can see it at the top of this post but whatever



Ask your teachers for it!


well... I'm not technically "in school" yet, that happens on the 4th


Maybe you can email your teachers (preferably the person teaching Computer Programming)


Speaking of which I should probably stop visiting the forum and do my Computer Programming homework....


Try asking the teachers. Or just wait for the Android revolution!


no there you go

have fun in high school


Again there lies a problem, I also don't wanna look even more like an obvious freshman by asking for hopscotch. I love the app XD, but again, made for 9-12 yr olds. (I personally find that any1 could use it but whateves) I also have no idea what level this class will start in, I find it likely to jump into block based programming before text based, and if hopscotch isn't included there I'll ask for it when i find that out, But the class could also start out with a simple text based language, like python, I have no idea.

Also, if we're starting with something like python, hopscotch would be considered too simple by said teacher, and not really an opportunity to learn past the "basics". Why do I keep finding every possible wall to me getting hopscotch?


Forget them! Those people are just people they don't matter! If I was in high school I'd ask!




no don't ask don't be an obvious freshman

that's not good


oooooh freshman

good luck


Gud luck! :D


haha XD, I admire the spirit there, but I couldn't really do that :/

I kinda don't want to get picked on any further than necessary, now of course I don't want to just ignore hopscotch, why would I be here on the forums then? I want to be a part of the great community that hopscotch is, but doing so would make the seniors & juniors think of me as a a little kid XD. (And are right either way :3, not gonna grow up until I have to) So then it's a matter of choice: The people who I don't even know who can impact my life drastically, or the amazing hopscotch community, who doesn't happen to be made up of the hundreds of people that I will see face to face daily that are in the previous category, :/


Everyone's probably like

Nifty, look your like 3 don't upset the evil highschool god delete your post and you will be spared



but in reality I'm over here facing a dramatized version of the same dilemma:

X thing over not looking "like 3"

You're liking these fast O_o


Good luck. I'm facing battling between being on the fourm or watching YouTube


I'm allies with you :thumbsup:


The struggle is real


That's great now I just gotta figure out which side the both of us are on :3