Eraser not working



So, as most of you know I am making a drawing pad. Every drawing pad has an eraser. I can't get the eraser to work.



Hey! Could you show me the other code for this?:wink:


What other code? I have other screenshots, but what code specifically would u like to see?

Ps. Sorry if I don't reply back right away. I have a busy day.


It's okay! I would like to see how you are making it leave a trail.


Ok. Here are some screenshots.

Ps. Your name is in the credits. Thank you for your help


Okay, I'm gonna whip up a drawing pad tutorial. Stay tuned. It could take a while.:wink:


Ok thanks. Again, I have a busy day and probably won't see it right away.


How to make a drawing pad

Step 1

First, you should start off simple. Create the icons for your colors. This could be a square, a circle, or anything. Next, you should make your icon have a new rule: When the play button is tapped, set color to (The color you want).

Next comes the tricky part.

Step 2

Here, make a new rule for your icon. This rule should be when character is tapped, set value (Color) to 1. Each time you do this for a new icon, then set color to a different number, preferably one above the number you last used.

Okay, so now you're halfway done.

Step 3

Remember the values from step 3? Here's where you use them! Select the object that you are using to draw. Make a new rule for it. Make the rule when color = whatever number, we will just say 1, then add a leave a trail block. So if the icon that you are using has a rule that says when character is tapped, set value (Color) to 1, then find the color of that icon. Let's say it's purple. In the leave a trail block, then put the color purple. In the width box, put your (Size) value. Within the leave a trail block, put a move to my finger rule.

There you go! Repeat with all the colors, and you have a drawing pad!


Thank you so much. I have never made a drawing pad with values but I am going to try. I can't thank you enough. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::smiley::yum:🤑


I think you should use values instead of trail colors...


Ya I'm going to try to use valued


Still dis is a glitch so you should probably tell @Liza or @Ian. I mean I'm like

Why dis not work?


No, I don't think it's a glitch, Change Trail Color blocks work only in Leave A Trail "clips".

I think so...


Oh okay. Thank you for the clarification.


With the colours you need a white one!

When Eraser is tapped
   Set value Colour to 23

  New rule

  When Colour = 23 leave a trail colour [white] width [Width]


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Great photo :joy: Also thanks everyone for the help


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