Erase Previous Trail Block?! O_o



Hopscotch team can you please add a "Erase Previous Trail" block?
It would be hyper usefull If someone made a mistake in a drawing after spending a lot of time on... Because clearing the whole screen is very inconvenient... ;( @Liza @alish @Rodrigo @Ian or some one else...

You can not say no to that face... I think! :wink:


Wow great idea!! This would be PERFECT for drawing pads @MagmaPOP


I'd like the block, but NO FACE


This would be AMAZING for undo buttons!!! Also, sorry this is off topic, but what editing software do you use? I use Aviary. 🤔


I think @MagmaPOP uses Skitch, I told he/she that @Rawrbear.


Ok, thanks a lot!!! :smile:


I thought about that. It would be super helpful, especially since I make a lot of mistakes in my drawings🤗


What do you mean by "NO FACE?" :confused:


I meant, "No, mr face"


I use drawing Carl as an editor


@friendship2468 did you mean no mr face when and if this block was added or something like that??


I want the block but it's easy to say no to that face


@friendship2468 haha lol I cant say no to it lol


Wow great idea I think it would be useful for my friend!