Equality comes in a handful of peaceness


Equality needs to rise and favoring over gender needs to fly away like what happened to hating on other important things


Wait, people are hating on jews here?

Or it is not on the fourm?
(If not, its not worth flagging)


No, people in the real world


I see why you posted this, bit could you put Hopscotch stuff here and real world stuff on Reddit or something? XD :slight_smile:


I would make a project but on a dbIPhone so can't make a project on it. No IPad


I posted this because of the Like A Girl topic


So are you supporting #LikeAGirl or something else?


Ima supporting Equality


Wait, are you female?

Just wondering...


I still don't see why you're wasting time talking about equality, jews and stuff when you could be coding a cool game with awesome game mechanics and plot (I'll help! I'm kinda bored anyway :P).

I respect your opinion, but younger kids on HS probably wouldn't get what we're saying. Besides, we're in a free country! Why worry about equality and stuff? Making a project won't change that much. :slight_smile:


Ima male turtle that wants to stay a turtle



Oh, that makes things much different. :stuck_out_tongue:

Equality is boosted a lot more nowadays! Don't worry! Again:


My long lost cousin, LGBOT


I agree with @Rawrbear.

Equality is higher then ever! But im not saying to flag this topic or close it :wink:


Still 78 cents to a dollar here. ;-;


@Kiwicute2016, please close