Epic Music Competition! 😁



Hello, Hopscotchers! I was thinking the other day, "What if there was an EPIC music competition on hopscotch... But that wouldn't be too exciting... Hmmm, what if whoever won would get a special prize..." Ok, enough with that. Whoever wins does get a super special prize, but I won't say what it is... In this competition, you must create a song, (not by someone else, yes, with your imagination) title the song, AND create a game to go along with it. If you can't do this, sorry. Oh, and by the way, there are only 25 spots (including me so make that 24) If anyone would like to join, just post below #ihavejoined and hopefully, you will be joined into the competition. (If I like that post, it means you're in) btw, my little brother is judging. :slightly_smiling:

Deadline: 1/25/16


@MagmaPOP @Snoopy please join :sweat_smile:


Don't you want to?


Sure! :smile: But I already made a game with music "Sky Island Creator"
I guess I'll start afresh!


Anyone else wanna join?


me want to join!
I've never created any music based games before so this will be new to me!
I'll probably lose because I've never created any music based games before!


@JonnyGamer - I'd like to join, but I have a few questions.
-If you are the judge, and you are competing, won't you just give yourself the prize?
- 1/1/16 seems too close. It takes me about two weeks to make a complete game with a game and music. If the deadline is at 1/1/16 I won't be able to join, because I have the Monopoly Collab AND a bunch of prizes to make. If you adjusted the date to late Janurary or early Februrary, I'd be able to join.


My little brother is doing the judging @Snoopy, sorry I was a little unclear. Good thing there's edits! :sweat_smile: Also, I'm going to change the date to be 1/25/15 to give us a whole month. Thanks for joining!


Hi @JonnyGamer . Do you want us to name the project a certain thing so you can search it up? And do you have any requirements for the game? I finished my part in the music monopoly collab and I'm almost done with my competition prizes, so I wanted to know before I started.


Oh and @JonnyGamer . Most of my music is adapted from different songs not written by me. For example: If I took Taylor Swift's song 'Twenty Two.' And I kept the basic melody but took out some parts and added some in, it would be MY song, but adapted by Taylor Swift.
In MagmaPOP's Helicopter Rescue, I adapted it from I. Berkovich's Paganini Theme
In MagmaPOP's Minecraft Game, I adapted it from Jaws
In The Monopoly Collab Game, I adapted it from a piano concerto from Haydn.
It wouldn't technically be someone else's music, just switching it up a bit.
So... Am I allowed to adapt songs? If I don't, the music sounds really odd....


Great question @Snoopy ! You can name it whatever you like, but attach a link here. Also, I'll add in the top to name the project #MC at the beginning. You can adapt songs, but it can't be too similar. Thanks!


Hey! Almost done, just need da music!


Hooray! :0
Btw, I think you may be the only contestant
You guys still in this?


FYI, it'll be called Castle Defender: Hopscotch Style...


Sounds awesome!


Does music symphony count?


Does it have a game?
Lol, it can count.


Soo.... I have to make a game, and then write original music to it?

Does the game have to be really complicated, or can it be more of a simple idea-type thing?


Kind of? xD


Pretty sure it can be anything, just it's due on the 25th so I wouldn't get too complicated.