EP125's General Topic + Q and A [QUESTION]



Thanks! How would I fix the lag though?


Well there is a great topic on that so have a look there! I'll give the link hold on


Have a look:


Thank you SO much! You are a life saver!

(Get it) XD BTW- look near the top of the photo if you don't get it.


Oh lol :joy:

Happy to help anytime, as you may know by now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Did this make it less laggy? Ze (maybe) less laggy link


Yup that is much besser! There is a slight glitch:


Uh oh... I thought I fixed it... I will go fix it! :smiley:
(Lots of dot, dot, dots)


*elipses… :nerd:

Heh heh



Oh yeah... thanks for correcting me!
I thought I used to know that... XD
EDIT- I think summer has finally gotten to me! Nooooooooo...


Happy to help ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


@KVJ -I think I fixed it (emphasis on think) Ze link that maybe does not have that bug. (This link has a super long name)


Yeah it seems to have gone!

That link though :joy:


Thanks! You are Ze best! ( Idon't know why I am saying "Ze" so much on Hopscotch, it used to only be at home...) Edit: Woah! You are a quick liker!


It seemz very German, ll

And danke! I'm not ze best but I try to be :wink:


I think you are the best. BTW- The weird thing is I only know one thing in German( and I don't even know how to spell it) XD


La blush! Thanks!

Wot is it??????


It's something like splecendi doich (No idea how to spell)


What does it mean then?


I forgot. Lol, one sec I shall try to remember.