EP125's General Topic + Q and A [QUESTION]



Hey guys! This is going to be my general topic, on this, I will post

  • New projects and that are coming out

  • News

  • Shoutouts

  • Links to my games on my new account

  • Some sneak peeks

  • Other stuff

I will also be doing Q/A about anything not personal.

Links to all my games

My first project
Disaster Devastor
Cookie Spree
Some random contest
Air Hockey
Find the message
Calculator w/ variables
I'm not putting links to my drawings or remixes, because those aren't games.


No beta testing at the moment, sorry!



Which should be my profile picture?


So this is also a Q&A topic?


Yep! BTW- sorry I took so long to reply, I was just editing the post


How did you do so the links is a text?


I know it now! How do you find hopscotch?


le gah!!!!!!

I'm out again!


:hearts: and le XD


Mass Q & A Question List!

Alright, what is your favorite project?
What is your favorite character on Harry Potter?
Who plays Batman?
How was your day?
Do you have any pets?
Why do you want to do this Q&A or AMA?
Do you like milkshakes?
Who is your favorite character?
Batman or Superman?Do you like singing?
What do you want to be when you get older?
Who is your favorite Hopscotcher?
What is your favorite project made by you?
Do you play the piano?
Do you play any musical instrument?
Do you Hopscotchify any music?
What is your favorite block?
Do you like sports?
What is your favorite book?
Do you like Hopscotching?
Do you like the community?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch?
Who do you follow?
What kind of projects do you like?
How, in your opinion, would a Hopscotcher be follow-worthy?
Is this list long?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your favorite video game?
Do you like video games?
What is your favorite meal?
Do you like polls?
Do you liked being tagged?
Do you like the forum?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch and the Forum overall?
Can you answer any more questions?
Do you like coding?
What projects, in Your opinion, are like-worthy?
Are you friendly?
Are your hands tired?
Do you think this is the end?
What is your favorite number?
Guess how long this took me to write!
How many drafts do you have?
Which one is most complete?
Do you have any ideas for projects?
How did you find Hopscotch?
On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you are at coding?
Are you on the Friendly Mass Tag List?
If you could, would you add your voice to projects?
What is your like record?
How many features?
Are you still reading this?
How many likes do have on your first project?
What is the meaning of life to you?
Do you play minecraft?
How awesome are blue penguins?
How awesome are rainbow penguins?
How cute are penguins?
How cute are cats?
What is your favorite game you've coded in Hopscotch?
Do you think those questions were Hopscotch related?
Who are your hopscotch friends?
Have you made an animal related project?
How many people do you follow?
Have you made a potato-related project?
Would you choose Minecraft or Terraria?

Made By: @tankt2016
Questions Added By: Paydent12, @Fun_in_the_Sun, Bubbles4Ever929, @GracefulIcing1, @Holly_Aarmau, @Stampys_fans, @EnchantedAnimallover, @Catface4, @CrystalPanda, @GoatLord, @crazygoat, @JaggedJeans,


How did you get into Hopscotch?


What do you mean?


Okay, here I go

Whew! That took a while


What do you mean?


Oh... I searched coding apps on the App Store


Oh... I just searched coding apps on the App Store because I have always wanted to code


What tips of games do you like to make


I like to make games! Also, @AP125 welcome to the forum!


If you need help, just tag me with @EP125


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you ever want help just type "@KVJ" to tag me!

BOT (Back On Topic)


Does anybody want to test my game that I'm working on? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Oh! I forgot one thing- you can test it by scrolling up to the first post and going to Beta testing


Wowza that game is amazhang! It is quite laggy though and when you go up you hurt fall down so you don't touch the red thingy…

Doing this from an iPhone btw