Environment Day! (5 June)



Hello forumers!

5 June is World Environment day!

On that day, we should celebrate, with special projects, profile pics, etc.

The day is to help raise awareness for treating the environment fairly!

Can't wait for Environment Day 2017! Meanwhile, remember to be friendly to the environment!


First like! I also have fast fingers >:D

I want to participate!


I would like to participate! I shall start drawing a profile picture for this wonderful day, and (I don't know if I'll finish in time, but I'll try my best. XD) I'll make a project! :D


Ok i will do it too! Good idea!


I'll change my profile pic! c:

I'll also make a project if it happens to fall on the day I usually code things for my account! c:


I'll change my pic!


I changed my picture to a earth gif! :slight_smile:


I made two. I'm still deciding.

Both made with drawing desk.


Anyone else to join?
Six so far, including me.


I wanna join :smiley: I'm going to spend all night drawing an earthy profile pic...


I'll participate! After all, I LOVE THE EARTH! And green. That means you love nature, so I'll get started on a project! ( and forum profile pic) :wink:


One moar laik for nice topic!


I wanna join pls


Yeah, I have a special project. As in, a craft. A torch for the town parade. I have to turn it in the next day! :-‱P

EDIT:. I can't believe it. I'm an expert crafter and thought I was going to win, and guess what:


I literally made the marshmallow joke. It's really Marshall.

Also, I'll help.


I have slow week grandpa fingers!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@GoatLord please @ me on June 5th so I remember! Thank you.


I'll put it in my calender so I'll remember!


I would LOVE to participate!


Here's some good profile pics I found.


Meh want to join! :D