[Enter now!] Halloween Contest 2017!



Hello and remember this competition is run by everyone!
This is the Halloween contest for this year!
There will be three judges which will judge everyone’s submitions!



The projects can be turned in from 1st October to 5th November! There will be discussion and there will be the winners! If you want to , you can sign up to be a judge! @OMTL
May be the best three hopscotchers win!


Can I be a judge?


Can I try out for judging?


Ooh, can I be a judge? ;3


For anyone doing it:

I know a way to get halloween characters. Remix this project and publish it immedietly. Then, delete the published project. Once you deleted it, You will have The halloween characters without the “Remix by…” thing. Just tap see code to see the charcters.


Really Everyone wants to be a judge!
@Kayro @Milkypup @SweeTeaStuffz you can all be a judge!


Thank you!


I will be a competitor.


Best post yet!


I will be a competitor on @CandymanCoding🍭


@BB-Box Can you join?


i don’t think so. I don’t make much on HS anymore, but I’ll think about it.


Hello, I’ve nearly finished my game, how do I enter please?



Oh I’m so sorry but I don’t really think this isn’t going on anymore:(


Oh, I thought it was carrying on until 5th November?


I don’t think anyone put any progress at all :frowning:
I have an idea but when it is done can you please give me the link?