ENORMOUS Collab With Gilbert189?


Would anyone like to do an enormous collab with me? Up to 5 can help!

Your first post?

I can beta test..., and create memes and gifs, do you eant a custom gif with our profile pictures


Great! Would you like to help with the coding, or not?


We would like to code Gilbert!


I'm happy to, help with coding, what's your email address so i can email ypu asking for the password and user


I would like to get all the people who want to help picked out first. Uptown Studios, that's great! Anybody have an idea for the project?


Poem requests???????


Anybody else want to help?


I would! Sorry that I'm late.


How is that ENORMOUS if it's only 5 people? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing:


I meant as in like the difficulty of the project. :wink: