Energy Flow Project (Need Votes) [For Regular Celebration]



I recently earned the Regular badge, and am I very happy!

I want to

I wanted the celebration to be some kind of energy flow project, and I can't think what I should do!
So vote! Poll will be closed at:
9:40 am Eastern
7:40 am Mountain

  • Energy Flow Drawing Pad
  • Energy Flow Game
  • Energy Flow Background Changer
  • Energy Flow Scanner



Make an energy flow background creator! That would be amazing! :smile:


Moved to the lounge, cause it's only for Regulars!


An Energy Flow Art Maker @Rawrbear?


I think it's for everyone, there's a poll! There's nothing that states that it's Regulars only. Just pointing that out! :wink:


Oops! I misinterpreted the title!


Yeah, I thought it meant some sort of special drawing pad. :sweat_smile:


Lol dat gif is at Chucky Cheese
also congrats! WOOHHOO!!

Just to celebrate :wink:


@BuildASnowman? Please help. I want to edit my poll. Please change option 1 to Energy Flow Drawing Pad and option 3 to Energy Flow Background Color Changer.


After the first 5 minutes, you can't edit your poll :wink:


I know. It's been five minutes! :wink:


I don't wanna vote for my own poll :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ! I would vote for Energy Flow Art Maker (Drawing Pad, I messed up on that option) look how cool it looks!

The actual drawing pad will not have that quote on there.


Here is how to make it so the text is in front: do repeat forever, bring to front! :smiley:


Everybody help!
BuildASnowman Approved
Dis is so weird! I'm trying to make this trail (drawing trail) not leave a trail when you tap a different space!

I did both When iPad is pressed and when iPad is tapped! What is going on! Here's the code:

Somebody, what makes it not leave a trail when you tap a different space? Plz reply!


Can you leave a link to it and maybe I could help!! XD


@MYD you beat me to saying it :wink: :laughing::joy:

Link to the weird trail project
Also @PopTart0219 sorry if this tag is annoying, I think you would know how to fix this code!


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Sorry, next time you can beat me, XD


Do "When iPad is tapped, move to my finger". That should fix it!:wink: