Endless Spiral Draw


It was asked in a recent topic why Spiral Draw stops working after you've drawn for a minute or so.

This is because the Hopscotch app runs out of objects. The most you can use (clones plus original objects on the stage) is 512. So what's a Hop to do? Just keep restartng the project? Naw, where's the coding fun in that. We can re-invent Spiral Draw so that when Hopscotch runs out of clones, it pulls the old clones from the rear of the line and re-uses them at the beginning.

All code that follows is in this project:
Endless Spiral Draw

Create all clones as the project loads & position them off screen. Reposition them to last touch position as you draw. Continue by repositioning first clones when you run out.

Note: Modulo is simply the remainder of a division operation. So any index less than 512 just gives that same index as the remainder. When the index gets to 512, then 512/512 = 1 so the remainder is 0 and the index is reset to the first clone.


Weird Spiral glitch

Cool idea! Good luck on coding that

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I find it annoying for the 512 limit clone rule, so this is really great!


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