Endless Competition!


This is exactly how it sounds, it’s an endless competition.

Basically, there is no prompt or anything like that, you just make a project for the competition.

And every two weeks, I will look at the new submitted projects on a video and rate them.

Depending on your rating, you’ll earn a certain amount of “tix” (my currency) which you can then use to buy things at the Noob Shack.

Noob Shack

5 Tix:

25 Spamlikes on the forum

5 Spamlikes on the app


10 Tix:

50 Spamlikes on the forum

10 Spamlikes on the app

1 Robux (Second currency)


25 Tix:

100 Spamlikes on the Forum

20 Spamlikes on the app


1 Robux:

Meme request for Doge Tapper

Small meme game request


5 Robux:

Update request for Doge Tapper

Big meme game request



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Literally all it is is using other people’s work for content lol

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I think a week is not enough, maybe 2?

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I can work with this

You can review any of my recent music projects for a video (if you are desperate lol)

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Epic idea.

What I said was partly a joke

(@leaders) can you change “And every week” to “And every 2 weeks”?


We need a music review video :clap: :clap:

Epic content

Noice. I can’t make, I can help sp.am like tho


There is no secret message right under this text

Lol I would say Content over Community but that’s just a little rude


Hmmmmmmmmm maybe

Nice comp lol

Nice competition but I am waaaay too busy.
Tix were the old roblox currency right?

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yes ig
Let’s sot

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Bring back Roblox tix. Its sad why they removed it. I was too young to remember what it was like even though they removed it a year after i joined.

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Roblox is a lot like Hopscotch tbh, on both you can create games, script games, and play them. Also both games / apps went from completely free to play to kinda free to play within a couple of years.