Encryption code within games


I know this may come across as confusing, but I’ll try my best to explain in-detail what I mean. For this, I’m talking about something that Hopscotch could add, not the user themselves in terms of the function.

Remixing projects has been pretty much the same for the most part, except for minor changes like removing the branch counter. Hopscotch should have new ways to engage audiences with the feature of branching. If someone wants to have a drawing contest without online connectivity, there has to be a better way to exchange data throughout two or more devices. I’ve had this idea for quite a while, and haven’t figured out how to make it yet. There should be an encrypt block to encrypt some text, multiple chunks of data, or something that you made inside a project that might get erased immediately after exiting. Then, you can input the code into a decrypt block that would finish the cycle of transferring data. Alright, let me show you how this would work theoretically with the example of CreationsOfaNoob.

  1. Someone creates a 3D map with a 3D map creation project then presses an export button that then transfers it into a code that shows on-screen.

    (Maybe a validation number to show as a remix)

  2. User remembers/copies this code into an input in the editor that doesn’t include the whole project, just the data needed

    (This would include a function (just like sine, absolute value, etc) that would be outside the number that decyrpts this code.)

  3. The map associated with the encryption code shows up

Ideas, suggestions, feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading what I think would be a pretty cool function.


I sorta don’t get it XP


Thanks for sharing this!
I do agree, I think this function would be really cool. This post was a little bit difficult to understand, but I think I got it!


If someone gives you a link to a webpage that they made with a link shorter (like bit.ly or goo.gl), you can then copy it and open it on another device and it opens the original webpage. Pretty much that if I’m helping a bit; shortening data into a smaller form, moving it, then turned the shortened data back into the original form.


I think that I understand your idea pretty well, and it would actually make it much easier to remix projects and have contests and similar things to that. Awesome idea :+1:!


It’s been a while, but you know that game on featured that had the game save states? That is pretty much what I’m trying to do here but as actual, usable data that is in the form of a code.