Enchy's Pixel Art Requests!


A few people on hopscotch have asked for pixel art requests! I decided to make a project with smol pixel arts and have each request under it. I think I will be able to fit 9-10 on it, so I'm taking the first 7!

I already have three pending requests :000

So, here is the form:

HS Username:
Smooth, Square, or Dots:

So ye!


HS Username: Dude73
Request: frog, or Docson?
Color: doesn't matter
Smooth, Square, or Dots: square


I'm sorry, this is kinda complicated :\


Can you pls change it? Sorry, but I can't find a grid exactly like that XD


HS Username: Sweetlina​:purple_heart:
Color: instead of pink white and green can you do it! SHADES OF PURPLE
Smooth, Square, or Dots: Smooth!



HS Username: FeatherDance
Two or three from these nine, including Eevee, the one on the upper left

Colour: depends
Pixel: Smooth

Thanks a lot! If it's too much, you can just do one :slight_smile:


Alright, can you do this, please?