Enchy's Kindness Buisness! :D



Hello! Today, Im going to open up a buisness! A kindness buisness! :D

What does that mean?

This is my personal, very own, kindness buisness! Basically, I do kind things to people and mention them out, gove them a shoutout, kust to be kind. I will have customers, payong while I serve them. :D

Of course, I will be doing random acts of kindness, but people will pay me (using gifs, yes gifs XD) andosting it! :D For kindness, I will doind a special suprise for them. c:

Now, you all know I'm not on all the time, so I need a few workers! :D I will probably only need, like 6, so it's really hard to get a job. You will get a job form, and I will think about it. :D

What are customers?

Customers are those whp buy suprises from me. You may think it's wierd, but its fun! I will be doing something kind to them, pbviously, but if they just want a suprise, they pay me using gifts. :D

Im not qsking people tp say: "hey enchy! i want u to do an act of kindess! i will pay u 10000000 gifs for dat." Nope. Im going to just do random acts pf kindess and give shiutouts every day! c:

I want a job!

To hav ea job, you mist be experienced. There are 6 other jobs.

Here they are:

Smol suprise maker (1)

Thi dperson will make allt eh small suprises ordered. I will give this person a smol suprise, and they make it! :D

Medium suprise maker) (1)


This person is in charge of the medium size suprises. I will give them a suprise, and they do it!

large suprise maker) (2)

These people will be on charge of making large suprises. They must be good at coding/drawing.

Shoutout helper (1)


You must give me ideas for shiutouts and help me write down copliments.

Helper in general' (1)

You help me when I need help. :D

Job Form

What is ur hs username?
R u good at spam liking?
R u picky in following ppl?
R u kind?
Write a kind "essay" about anyone.
Show three quotes of u being kind.

What us my job?**

My job is to keep things running, get the orders, make the x-large suprises, do the shoutouts and the prize coming with it, and just dp stuff! :D


There will be daily shoutouts. I will say the person, give them a random prize, some clopliments, a dozen likes, and a follow :D

How is this HS related?

The suprises and prizes will be on Hopscotch. Plus, this is kindness. :D


Sep. 9, 2016: FoodDelivery!

This week's weekly ahoutout is..

@FoodDelivery! :D

This hopscotcher is kind and loving, and amazing. S/he is marvelous at the future series, trail art, and pixel art! This hopscotcher is also really good at games.

All pf this person's project are delicate! It is all amazong. S/he deserves all the features and trendings s/he has gotten.

FoodDelivery is truly awesome. :D

Want to know your prize, Foody?


it is rly bad. idek.


If u get followed by this person, u r very lucky!


medium suprise - 1 GIF and 1 PHOTO



Special Suprise - 2 Gifs
Not a suprise - 1 gif



Buy two small suprises, get one medium for half price!

Hape any more q's?

Feel free to asK! Contact me at @EnchantedAnimallover! :D





Fill out the impossible form. XD



ur not in because u picked me xD

Yeah ur in, what job u want?


Helper in general, please! (go senpai! :D


1) Yay @Montoya! :smiley:
You'll be a FANTASTIC mod, I just know it! :smile:

2) That was so good OMG :0000000
You should be an author someday! :smile:

3) That's my favorite too :smiley:

Well, have fun! Happy birthday! :smile:

I'll be either a medium or large surprise maker! :D


What is ur hs username? Sweetlina​:purple_heart:
R u good at spam liking? YASSSS :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
R u picky in following ppl? No! I will follow anybody!
R u kind? People say I am!
Write a kind "essay" about anyone.
I love your name! Even though I don't like jeans I still like the name! You are SOO kind to me and you are funny. When I am on the forum I always see you. You are in every topic and you are always on topic. When I feel down I just look on the forum and then I see you with your cool
profile picture! Then I realize oh that is JaggedJeans! I want to talk to her! Always be you and never change! You are awesome! :heart_eyes:

Show three quotes of u being kind.

Well I have pictures! Sorry I can't crop them


@Sweetlina and @Sensei_Coder, sprry but u guise rnt accepted. ur essays r a bit short, and im tight on stuff.

@AwesomeNachos, nvm, sprry u rnt accepted. im really srry guise. i havent seen u guise being rly kind these days. i jabent noticed. sry im so sry


Oh okay!
That is fine


You can still be my number one customer and get discounts!




What is ur hs username?: Niftynia75​:sparkles::tada:
R u good at spam liking?:YUS SPAM LIKING IS LAIF
R u picky in following ppl?:Nah.
R u kind?:I think so but you can be the judge
Write a kind "essay" about anyone:@Rainboom is always so supportive and active! She should be a leader! She always is there to help and is super funny, nice, and kind to other. She acts like a leader and is active like one! She's pretty much in leave leader shape!
Show three quotes of u being kind.


What is ur hs username? Angidrawings
R u good at spam liking? yessss
R u picky in following ppl? not really I like people for who they are
R u kind? very a lot of people say I am
Write a kind "essay" about anyone.
@EnchantedAnimallover I love how you inspire people in all the ways you can and how kind you are if you ever touched a human being it would be with kindness or to cheer them up so here on I will say you are my mentor my everything if you are sad I will lift you up from now until I die I would now love to prounoce you my everything in life I mean EVERYTHING IN LIFE I hope everyone of your days are filled with happyness and joy love @Angidrawings
how three quotes of u being kind
1.Hello welcome to forum need any questions just ask me I would love to do any collab so with you in the future or now happy that your here hope you love forum! hope your day is filled with love and happiness bye!
2.Happy birthday @EnchantedAnimallover hope your birthday is filled with laughter and cheer all round (don't forget the cake!) hope you celebrate in all the ways you would like to happy birthday byes see you soon!
3.Im sorry this happened to you but we all know you still have us here to make you laugh and smile hope you fell better soon byes see you later get better soon!


How was that that took litter ly 30 minutes!



Hope this isn't too late


So, like, to get a surprise, I just post gifs? Or no? This sounds cool but I'm a little confused!


You post gifs to get a suprise.


Cool! Thanks a lot, I'll post gifs soon!


Am I accepted?

(sorry really excited)