Enchy's Amazing Announcements! XD bananas


SHi! So recently, I've got a feature. Maybe today. Idek. So, I want to thank you for that, It really feels amazing to get featured. Thank you so much, Hopscotch! It really took me a month to make, yes I procrastinate that much and I'm a very slow coder so ye.

It's my fourth one. I feel so successful! :DD Now, don't worry if you don't get featured, you will someday. Don't give up and keep coding. Have hope!

My second announcement is that I making a project called Kickin' It! If you know XBOX 360, I think it was, there was a game called Kickin' It. I wanted to make that, as the creator of it taught me it in scratch! :00
The creator is Brent Kollensburg (idek how to spell k?) and is teaching my class :000

I also want to make something halloweeenish! Any ideas? c:


Me too.

But congrats! Good job!


Thanks so much. c:


This is how I felt on my feature!
You must feel so happy.


Yes! Are we up liking ever post I make? XD




*pokes took with something but a stick