Enchy, Tell me You Did not Just do dis to meh


@EnchantedAnimallover I never knew that you had a hopscotch twin. You never said it in ur bio and I read it constantly like 24/7 XD
told ya imma stalker
@Maltese and @BananaDog are your hopscotch twins and you never told me :0
@Maltese you also never said it in your bio!
@Bananadog you said it in your bio. I finally read it XD

eek! DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SECRETS @EnchantedAnimallover? besides being a EnchantedHopscotcherp derp XD

lol, sorry for tagging you guys twice :3



sthap calling me Joyon da forum.

y u accusing meh


Who is Joy?


I think it's @EnchantedAnimallover's name in real life. :D


Oh my gosh you're right XD

I would need to take stuff out of my bio since it's already so full XD


Do not remove the emoticons.



Of course, Sensei.


:astonished: summons @Sensei_Coder