Enchy and Malty Coding Partner Topic!



Hallo @Maltese!

Let's start this up again! I don't think you found the other topik either.
Maybe it got deleted :000

Let's comtinue being coding partners! :DD


Oh, okay! I thought I tagged you on it. XD

Ohhh... I forgot... I think the topic was lounge and you're member. :0

Oh well, this one's fine :)

Let me search for that pixel art...

Here. How about this?


I forgot the password to the account. XD

Sure! Square, dot, or smooth?


I think I can find it on the old topic.

How about smooth? I've never done it before and it would be so cool. :0


Okey! My latest project was a smooth pixel art and it was rly fun!


Nope, can't find the password. D:

How about we trade drafts, or make another account?


I can't wait to see this! It will be so amazing when it's done! You both are so awesome at coding!


Aww, wow! Thanks!

I hope I'll have enough time to finish some projects. XD


Thanks! That means a lot, coming from the magic coder! XD

@Maltese, idek, ur choice. I think we should trade drafts. I remember last time when we were making the bacon and eggs, and I lost my code XD


Yeah, I remember XD

Let's trade drafts.

I'm watching a movie with my family right now, I don't think I can start now. :0


Okey, so you want me to start?

I was thinking you can start because your profile is very empty XD :000

But it's okey!

How is PR?


Oh, okay! I'll start then. XD

How about we start tomorrow?

I can't really code right now. D:

PR's good. :000


Oh yeah, I also wanted first laik XD

Sure! :DD


I'm starting now, I have some time today. :D



Keep coding, you're both Amazing.


Aww, thank you :)

You're amazing too you know :D


I'm finished with finding the HSBs (that took too long XD). I also created a starting point, and the 'move forward' and 'down' thingys.

I'm thinking you can code the first 9 lines, and I'll finish the last 9 lines and add finishing touches.

When you're online, I'll publish the draft, you get the link, then I'll unpublish it.

(I sound so mature. This is wrong.)


lol y am I awake right now it's 7:00 AM.
ps, I can't wait to see that pixel art!


Oh, you're in a different time zone then XD

Ahhh that's why EH isn't on

Thanks! It's pretty simple, so I don't think it'll take that long.


What time is it for you @Maltese?