EnchantedHopscotcher's Coding Partner Competition! ROUND TWO!



Hey everyone! You may know that @SnowGirl_Studios was my coding partner, but she left. Now I need a new coding partner! I'm having a competition to see who this special person is going to be!


HS Username:
Forum Username:
Why do you want to be my coding partner?
Do you have one already?


How it Works:
When you sign up, I will give you a coding challenge. The challenge will differ for different groups based in styles of coding. I will put you in a group when you sign up! Each time, I'm going to edit this first post to see who is in!

Group 1:

Group 2:

The groups are based in the style of coding. Credit to @SnowGirl_Studios and @Gilbert189 for this idea!

BAS Friendly Mass Tag List


I am looking for someone who doesn't remix much!

Enchy and Malty Coding Partner Topic!

Hi I can help later but it's 9:32 and I have to "go to bed" I still want in though


I don't know how to get to the friendly mass tag list topic to copy and paste. Can someone do it for me? Pls I need more competitors!


i might join if i fail another


No one wants to be my coding partner?



@PercyJackson9, r u going to sign up?


HS Username:Funny_in_the_Sunny
Forum Username: Fun_in_the_Sun
Strength: Leave a Trail
Weakness: Values
Why do you want to be my coding partner? I love your work. Plus, I had a coding partner as well, but he left. We have some stuff in common.
Do you have one already? No


I am Kawaii Lover (someone took my username without a space...Argh)
I think you are an awesome coder with amazing skills
I am good at games and leave a trail
No partner
Bad at sin and cos


HS Username:

Forum Username:

Uh... I have a creative mind and I'm good with values!

I don't understand Sin/Cos (but I like to experiment with it soo)

Why do you want to be my coding partner?
I want to be your coding partner so I can have a coding partner and just cause I'll make a good new friend!

Do you have one already?
No. I've tried having one but it didn't work...:neutral_face:


Oh, @Fun_in_the_Sun I can help you with values in a different topic if you want!


nudges those @SmilingSnowflakes, @VanillaOwl, @DanicingLollipop, @Mathgirl, @BubblegumCupcakeMix, and @RenegadeBird1, while hoping they don't have one yet and want to be mine.


I would love to be your coding partner


Ok! Just fill out the form!


Where is the forum. Sorry I don't know where it is.


Press FORM! in the first post.


HS Username: Sweetlina
Forum Username: Sweetlina
Strength: Spiral Draws
Weakness: sins and cos
Why do you want to be my coding partner? I love to be challenged. I love to help people. I also try to do my best!
Do you have one already? Nope mine left.


Again can I be on

  1. SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat: [Older] (I'm not leaving for a while, I just have to get a new account.)
  2. Sensei_Coder
  3. Shape/text art
  4. Sin/cos (off topic, but I just realized my answers up to here have all started with "S")
  5. Because I love helping people, and I'd love to have fun helping you!
  6. Nope!


Could u fill out the forms?


Sine/cosine and drawing pads
Trail art
Because your kind and talented and I want to learn from you