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This is not a chain game. This an empty topic


Is this related to Hopscotch...? Maybe you'll have to code yourself or another person once they've guessed! :D

@EnchantedAnimallover @CreativeCoder lol isn't this kind of what we were playing XD


Kinda XD

Make sure it's related to HS, as BD said. You can code your guesses :D


I have straight hair and i have blue eyes.


Err, u kinda got the game wrong


@Bananadog, IKR? But we did it a little different! XD

We did it like you guess, then someone tells the actual answer! c:

@StarryDream, I get that you already made it Hopscotch related, but all the other chain games are hopscotch related.


Well so how r they Hop related? I haven't spot any Hop related chain games.:grimacing:


Well, The User Below Me is guessing something something Hopscotch related that is the user below them!

For example: TUBM coded a trail art project before! Then user 2 will say yes or no, and it will go on!

Do you need more examples?

Like for another example, give the user above you a nickname! The nickname is based on their ways of coding, username, Hopscotch username, or personality!


In my opinion, a topic on the Forum doesn't really have to be ALL about Hop. Like Spanish School and Summer Camp. My chain game is more likely to them.
K maybe we should GBOT coz the chain game is never gonna start if we don't end our conversation!:laughing::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


Yes, but in the Spanish school they made projects for homework, and for summer camp the made projects too. :)


Okay enough! We are not gonna start this game!


I decided to recycle this topic


This topic actually brings back lotsa memories…

I used to be quite emotional, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Many are emotional. Just try to forget about the topic


Empty topic, no harm, huh?

Just wanna say that please don't call me bully, it isn't nice to say that. And what I said in your topic is a fact. No need to get angry, seriously.


Fine. I just am mad. Truce: I will use kind words, you will to.