Employee of the Month topic


Hi everyone! This is a topic where you can nominate Hopscotchers for employee of the month, and give reasons. Employees of the Month get cool stuff, like a cool certificate and also a cool car insurance.


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This text will be hi



Lol car insurance…
What do we look for when we are nominating someone?


Reasons why they are a good employee.


Oh part of the community???




My favorite YouTuber has a friend that is the geico lizard I’ll get u guys sum car insurance


Thank you very much!!!:grinning:


No prob guys


We got problem art topic closed :neutral_face:


woah who flagged it was just a gumball video i thought of while looking at this


Um so do we just like nominate people who are just nice and have been good and stuff?


Anyone who you think should be employee of the month.

So yes, but you can nominate whoever you want as long as I haven’t talk




I think I nominate @Kayro .

They’re also on top of user and have recieved a lot of likes in this month and have given a lot too.


please tell me who flagged


idk, i didnt flag but maybe because its off topic…?


dude i was just posting a video that this topic reminded me of


oh well i didnt even watch the vid but i was just guessing idk


I nominate @Healeybot1 because fun


I nominate @Petrichor

  1. He made this topic
  2. Cause i said so
  3. The cow goes moo