Emotions on the Internet- How they can be Mistaken



Hi guys!
I've been making a lot of topics, and if you are tired of hearing me talk, why are you reading this?

You may have taken that last thing a bit differently, right? That's because in reality, the looks on our face and the tone of our voice says a lot! (No pun intended)
So if we are joking around, some people may take it as mean, or rude. I don't plan on making a ridiculously lonngggg topic about this, I just think this is a good reminder. This is also a reason why we use emojis like these: :slightly_smiling: and :wink:.
Thanks for reading my shortest topic!
Keep this in mind!


Good topic! :wink: Remember to ALWAYS use Emojies when you are joking, or just in general! :+1: People could take it the wrong way, and we don't want to hurt the community! :smile:


Couldn't say that any better! Thanks! You always spread positivity around hopscotch, and in hard times, your projects make me smile!
Now I must leave on a ten hour car ride...


Thanks! You do too! I always look up to you! And good luck in that car! :wink: I would bring my iPad if I were you... :yum:


I have to, school device! Got some... Homework.
I would use my phone, but it's in "Safety Mode" sooooooooooo.... I can't use Internet for a while!


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Yes, I agree! Just one emoji\emoticon can change the mood of your entire message!


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@LazyLizard are you there? Or still in the car?
EDIT: Never mjnd I just saw it said 10 hours.
Sorry again by the way, but if you don't want me to pity do I'll stop. :wink:


Good point! Many people may be angry if you say a forum reminder without a wink because it can sound very mean :wink:.


Hi :unamused:
Hi :smiley:
This is an example of emotions in sentences.


Yes because like @DancingLollipop said it it's different when you say

Welcome to the forum:unamused:
Hello welcome to the forum!:grinning:


Can't like. You have a point though


I'm in the car! :slightly_smiling:
I'm using my phone that isn't apple, but if I make a winky face, it still shows up! Yay! :wink:


Thanks for the nice topic, guys! Car trips aren't always this boring!


:slightly_smiling: isn't very playful... I mean, you're just slightly smiling. The emoji just feels like "sure" and not happy to me... :)
Sorry... D:


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My phone. It's not Apple supported, but I still found a way to do the smileys.
I just always do this, but it works on other devices!
; ) or : ), these both work on other devices. (Without the space in between)


You should do

:smile: If you are really happy!

:slight_smile: Yeah that sounds good!

:neutral_face: Meh okay it's fine

:expressionless: No just no

:unamused: Really really that's just dumb

:rolling_eyes: Whatever just do it!

:slight_frown: Hmm?

:triumph: STOP!

:rage: Really upset!!


:scream: Oh my gosh!

:sob: So sad!!

:poop: Silly

:weary: Begging

:zipper_mouth: I will not join in on the conversation!

:head_bandage: Hurt!

:grimacing: I don't know if that's the best idea!

:triumph: Trying not to rage like unikitty!

:dizzy_face: Shocked!

:smiling_imp: Evil

:grin: I gotta pee!

:sweat_smile: Ha!

:relieved: Keep calm and code on!

:hugging: Yayayahay!

:sunglasses: Cool!

:clap: Good job!

:smirk: Or did I...

:wink: Reminder

:nerd: Accordding to my calculations to find pi you need to find the circumstances face(this ones awesome!)

:worried: But, but why!


Yeah that's good @Huggingfluffybear :slightly_smiling: