Emoji's R Us™'s General Topic SUPA BORD plz join


Ask me questions, or just chat in here! So, ya. Just do whatever. :smiley:


I'm tagging u because you guys r fun and r my senapis. =D


I'm your senpai??? WhAT?? Thanks so much. :DDDDDDD I also really like your profile pic.


Tanks! It's basically what I look like in anime form. :3
I'm so happy you are so happy that you are my senipi! I think that sentence makes sense


I'm not your senapi I thought we were friends on Hopscotch


I didn't know if you were on the forum! I'm su sorry!


It's ok I love your anime photo how did you get that


Dunno I looked up anime girl with brown hair and glasses


Cool guess what I have good news




Cool :D it kinda looks like me XD


:stuck_out_tongue: just look up wat u look like XD


I got my first trending


That's suuuuu exciting!


Do you know how to do pixel art


Yeah it takes a long time tho


On Hopscotch could you post a pixel art picture and I will copy it


Huh? What do you mean? I could give you the link to my "how to make pixels" project or one of my pixel arts...


Please yes do that please


Both? Ok then! Why does the post have to be at least 20 characters? That annoys me