EmojiArts got her account back. nothing to see


Don't worry everyone



Um please edit out her name... it's sharing personal information.


This actually happened to me yesterday and it's very annoying

If you did take her phone or something this is really lame you could do better

Such a feeble prank. I bet you're a little kid. I can forgive you.

IF this IS an attention thing....desperate


And I'm also guessing you didn't actually hack her account, just took her phone/iPad.. It's not funny tbh.


Dude stop trying to get attention please

And u iguht not wanna share her last name.. I got suspended cause ppl thought I was going to (I wasn't). I was gonna share the first letter of my last name


You better not hack mine

or else

Also you don't know my name so back off :wink:


I got suspended yesterday till march cause one of my siblings went on my phone and well wreaked havoc

All the forumers immediately guessed it wasn't me and understood but the admin did not....

Rodrigo said he is considering unsuspending me tho

Perfect timing with my anniversary coming up in like 3 days :/


Dude that's not fair

And ur sibling didn't say anything bad ( I was stalking without an account)

I think they just enjoy suspending us. I was suspended for sharing my last name which I never did


Nuuuuu!!! My fren got access to my account before and I'm not letting happen to anyone else!! Especially my frens. @everyone


or else...


I mean yeah maybe flag the post but 5 month suspension???

I think I'll be unsuspended though....I just wish they'd let us share our side of the story before suspending.


OMG THAT WAS MATTHEW!! He's my worst. Enimme ever.. I don't even know I'm so sorry!!!! OMG don't suspend me I got my account back


@liza @Rodrigo PLease close this topic


Well, they are probably just trying to do their thing and keep the forums safe and clean. I do agree though.


As if
They just like to happy suspend

Listen I know we haven't always been on the best terms but let's be friends now

And I think my suspension was uncalled for just like yours.

I was suspended for saying I was gonna share my last name but I never said that. I would admit if I did cause they can't do anything about it now but I really didn't

What did ur younger sibling even say that was so bad? I'd say 1 day suspension at the most





Yeah let's be friends. I agree, your suspension was unfair.

It was actually my older sibling. I found it kind of amusing, until I got suspended.

You can check in codingCupcake, id rather not talk about it. It was pretty much just one post. No cursing or anything.


Yeah u didn't deserve that st all

Plus, it was only one post

I think if u had said Ur ■■■■■■■, last name, social security number then they can suspend you


Yeah. It was kinda drastic in my opinion....


Just wondering...
what is your real forum account name?