Emoji turns into text?



Is this a glitch? Sometimes on the forum i see a post with something like this: :blush; on it! Sometimes i do it on mobile device! just by clicking the emojis from the menu! Howcome the emojis sometimes do that?


there are multiple ways to add emojis! Some people do it as...

Then the actual emoji in keyboards

I hoped this helped!


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This is an error :thumbsup:🏽


And it also sometimes turns into a square. Look at the last emoji you posted.


That is the error :bicyclist:🏽


The square one is if you have the iOS9 emojis with skin tones, as Discourse doesn't support that.

The text (:smiley:) is Discourse's emoji shortcuts, so if they are next to each other, they don't turn into emojis because the system doesn't recognize it as the code.


its not for me


Ok :sweat_smile:.


You wrote

:blush; not :blush: check code


:girl:🏽 :woman::older_man:


Some times you have to do a space between the last thing you said and the emoji

Emoji:sunglasses: No space
Emoji :sunglasses: With space


Yes I know but sometimes emojis show up like that when it's spelled correctly


It happens when you put an emoji right after a letter, for example:





@FluffyMice I just told you this


i know!


Like this :smiley: