Emoji Requests!


Want your own custom emoji?

Well, come here!
Here I will make custom emojis for the forum!

That is a new emoji!

I will have 3 requests per week, no more.


What does your emoji look like?


  • No swear words
  • No inappropriate content in your emoji
  • No "THERE IS A POTATO FLYING AROUND MY ROOM WITH A PARADOX SYMBOL ON IT!" (That is a Bot Wars The Book reference...)

Free Emoji Requests!

All the other topic have replies :(
I cri ;-;


;-; I am so saaddddd


Am I the only one sitting here and thinking
"Am I really the ONLY person blinding their eyes on my compuper screen and waiting for @Kiwicute2016 peepifed chickens to reply???"


So me right now.


I'm just going to be nice and request an emoji.


What does your emoji look like? A potato with wings, I can't think of anything else. XD


SOOO mmmmiiinnneeee!! A panda with a unicorn horn, and wings XD


What does that mean?


My emoji is a leafy tiara with wings.


Auto correct :joy: AKA DOOOOO miiiiiinnnneeee!!

Lel XD


An emoji with a dalek on it


Idk where you live but on the east coast, it was two in the morning for me :joy:.

But I want a peepified chicken for memory.


I would like an emoji version of my

weird cat


I am here. I want a mystical and magical griffon


Hmm.... Maybe a potatoe with a unicorn horn, a mustache, and wings?


A potatoe w/ a mustache, and a monocle, please! :D

Aw...I wish I posted earlier... :sweat_smile:
Now I have to wait three weeks until completion! :3


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What does miiinnnnne mean?



That is your flying potato!


Your peepifed chicken!


Can you make a really awesome smiley face with glasses?