Emoji Problems!




I've seen a lot of iPad emojis typed from an emoji keyboard, but did you know that the emojis that you type from your iPad aren't compatible with your computer? Look at this on a computer:


They turn out as boxes, right? That's why you use Discourses emojis, which you can find on the selection bar, where you find the header, importing pictures and that stuff. It's the smiley face. :wink: (Sorry, I can't take screenshots! :yum:)

Now, here are the Discourse emojis:


Now you can see them on a computer! :smile:

So: never type emojis from the emoji keyboard because people won't know how you feel! :wink:


On the iPad, they are emojis.
Unicodes are like computer emojis, except they can be custom colored (on hopscotch). If your on the computer, you can put some unicodes in and they will turn into emojis on the iPad. (If it recognizes it)


Most Windows computers don't support emoji unicodes, though! :wink:


Glitchy iOS composer doesn't allow that really...


What is that?? :yum:


:wolf: fox :wolf:


Cool! I noticed this and the emojis that you can add didn't know that you could see them on laptop and computer!


:weary: That was old Discourse I guess.