Emoji Pixel art!


Everyone seems to be talking about the pros and cons of adding images (personally I don't think it would be very useful, as you can't define the borders) now for the:

New Idea!

Or not so new!

If you want to add an image you can put it into an app like Pixelmator and "pixelate" the image, if the number of pixels is bigger than 15 you will need to make 2 or more ojects of 15 pixels a piece. Then if you can colour print the pixelated image, use the newer iPad Split screen, or just switch between apps, you can look at the image and turn it into a emoji pixel art which you can copy and paste into any project, if as mentioned above the image has more than 15 pixels, you need 2 or more objects, glued together with Set Position.

This is not meant to tell a new idea, but to explain a tool that can help you with it, and why photos are not so necessary after all!


Does anyone have thoughts on this topic?


Thats a really good idea, but it would probably take to long and not be as easy as pictures...