😀 Emoji of the Week™ (Hopscotch Contest)



Unfortunately I do not have time to do this however I hope all of the people that are able will take part!


This is a great idea, Yusamac! I’ll try to do the challenge :grin:

(and you are totally right – I have had a block on what to make since I came back xD)


Thank you! I think you’ll do amazing!

I know! That is why I started this. It helps get people’s imaginations running at full speed.


This is interestingly cool


Thanks! Please join.


I’ll think about it… I haven’t done many projects at all


I’ll try to enter!


Awesome! Please do!


@omtl @pomtl The Emoji of the Week™ project is released! Check it out!

@WynterDiamond Here is the project I’ve been working on.


Wow, that’s really good! :grin:


Now that’s it’s published and I’m watching it on my computer, I have found several errors… My iPad is old, so things on Hopscotch run differently.


Oh okay, I mean, I didn’t notice any errors, but it seems like you were the one who had the vision, so you see the mistakes. Happens with me too :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopscotch doesn’t run well on old devices – it’s really annoying.


I know. I’m saving up for a new iPad so that everything will work faster. My iPad is just laggy in general.


I hope that you get one! My family currently has two 5th generation iPads (I’m pretty sure they’re 5th) which we got with the intention of trading in our old ones, but we never did. The costs would have kind of evened out if we would have done so.


Yeah, Apple has this new trade-in program (Which I HATE). It prices everything for less then you can get from other places…


Oh no… I think that we got estimates before the new program was put in place, because they actually seemed reasonable (one of our devices, and old 3rd gen iPad, had a nasty crack in the corner of the screen, and they still were okay with it)
I mean, it seems like all businesses are going that direction…
Edit: Let’s take this conversation over to my GT :slight_smile:


Only 3 days left for you to submit your Emoji of the Week™ project.


That’s a super cool project! This challenge is also really cool! :slight_smile:


I’ve got a mental block for what to code XD


Here’s my entry so far… I may add more later.