😀 Emoji of the Week™ (Hopscotch Contest)




The contest:

I decided to do this contest because I know everyone on this forum has a desire to code, but they need the motivation to do it. THT used to be really good at motivating, but they haven’t been around lately. I decided, it would be fun to make a contest centered around a thing people learned to use and love: emojis. I am hoping this contest will bring motivation back to Hopscotch for coding.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. A contest moderator will post an emoji every week. You make a project based of the emoji It can be any project as long as it is based off the emoji of the week

Step 2. Submit your project on this topic

A contest moderator will make a poll and people will vote for the project they think is best.

Step 3. Repeat


  • This topic is not a general topic. NO SMALL CHIT-CHAT!!!
  • Keep everything child-friendly
  • Respect your competition
  • Vote fairly. (Do not vote just because you like the person who made the project)


Become a moderator by participating in 10 rounds of The Emoji of the Week.


Badges and Rewards:

Earn badges and rewards for participating winning in contests


:iphone: "I joined!"
Earn this badge by participating in a competition

:computer: "I keep joining!"
Earn this badge by participating in 2 competitions

:desktop_computer: "I LOVE THIS!!!"
Earn this badge by participating in 5 competitions

:mega: Moderator
Earn this badge by participating in 10 competitions

:1st_place_medal: 1st place!
Earn this badge by getting 1st place in a competition.

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd place!
Earn this badge by getting 2nd place in a competition.

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd place
Earn this badge by getting 3rd place in a competition.

more coming soon…

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This is actually a really good idea! I might enter this challenge as it sounds cool and fun!


Cool! What prizes are you interested in earning?


It doesn’t matter that much, actually. For me, the fun is the important thing.


I know, but I am trying to motivate people to code.


@hopscotch-curators: Hello @Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SmileyAlyssa! My goal with The Emoji of the Week competition is to make something so motivating and fun that people feel like they just have to pick up their device and code something . I’m hoping you can help me. As a Hopscotch-Curator, you have a motivation that is hard to beat, something that Hopscotchers dream about. If you could feature each 1st place project, people would feel a huge amount of motivation. If we could get people to start coding again, we will have much more awesome Hopscotch projects. If you help, you will receive the privileges of contest moderator. Please help me bring the forum back to Hopscotch.

Thank You


Hello! I see you are trying to get people to really get into this fun Challenge. Firstly a suggestion would be to tag pomtl OR/AND omtl. I understand if you choose to not but that is just a suggestion because it would notify a lot of people about this great challenge. - @expresso (the creator, not the bot)
Also I will look into participating in this challenge! It sounds really fun! And I am really competitive.


Cool! Please join! The more people we get here, the better.


I am going to do that when I see a lot of traffic on the forum.


I was somehow tagged in this??? Not that I’m unhappy about it, I’ll probably join. But how do the “badges” work exactly??? I’m sort of new to the forum


Badges are rewarded to you on the topic . When you join a competition by submitting a project, you get your name put up on the topic. I put all badges you earned next to your name.


This is a really cool idea! Nice job!


Thanks! Please join.


Ayyyyyyyyyy I will do it


Finished!! This’s a background made mostly out of shapes and hopscotch’s characters with a :palm_tree:.

I look forward to see what the other entries will be like


I think I might do a trail art x$


Wow this is an amazing idea!

I’ll try to do it

so the emoji is :palm_tree: right?




You are correct!