Emoji not working



Me and @seawolfwerehorse saw that this emoji wasnt working: :frowning: :frowning:
[Okay now its like that] but when i did it, the emoji looked like this :frowning:
but with a square
Do you know whats wrong?


Are you on a computer not by apple? That would be the reason.


No im on an ipad and it turned to a different emoji again


Can you post a screenshot? It all looks like the same emoji to me..


Arghh my images wont upload


Everytime i do a new reply it so "Uploading 0%"


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does mine work? im on a HP
:frowning: :frowning:


Okay here i had to restart forum


It looks fine to me :confused:.


What's wrong with it? Show a pic of what you're trying to type please...(like a pic of a draft of a post)


I meant this one
Yes i know its blurry but everytime i type it some other emoji comes up
(Sorry to confuse u)


You mean the text (black and white) version of it? :frowning:️ I tried typing the emoji and it works for me, but only sometimes on my phone


Oh, I see it. Hmm let me try okay no, I don't think Discource has this emoji in its systems yet


Oh okay thanks @PopTart0219


:frowning: 202020202020