Emoji help! (Extra space)


@Rawrbear how did you get the black squares in your bobs army project?


If you have the update, you should be able to have those.


Which update? iOS or hopscotch?



There was an update in August that made it so you can have shapes


Oh I have that. He typed the shapes.


He probably used an app called Fancy Key.


Off topic, need to say

@AHappyCoder you changed your profile pic again! I love it! :+1::joy:


Hopscotch it is really cool but if it is text it most likely is fancy keys


It's called a Unicode character! They're all over the Internet! Here's a website with a bunch of them on it:

I actually copy and pasted the tank and Bob, but to remove text wrap, I put them on separate text objects. :wink:


I don't actually have fancy key, since this is a school iPad! If I were to do it manually, I would probably go the old fashioned route and copy and paste them! Again: