Emoji Contest! *CLOSED*



In this game I used to play, we have emoji contests. I'm hosting them from Hopscotch! The thing is, this is only for the hopscotch forum. For example, if I say do an emoji pattern describing when you got an F on a test, you'd probably do something like :cold_sweat::cry::sob::rage::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil: and repeat it some other times. If you want to join, say "join (your username)" and write your username there. Then give me an example of what you would feel like when you meet @LotsaPizza in real life in emojis. Good luck entering!


Join RubyWolf/ RubyWolf1 :flushed::anguished::neutral_face::blush::grinning::smile:🤗


Join Glitter Kitty


Yay yay Yay!!!!! :neutral_face::open_mouth::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Join WinningMonkey !!!


Join GiraffeProductions


join AwesomeKitty


Now here is your reaction when you see a unicorn.


/join Dancing Lollipop


/Join @Lightningstrike


Join MobCraft :scream::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


sorry but I can't join im too busy :frowning:


Yes I'm in


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Awie you guys are so sweet :blush:
@MobCraft awieeee that's sweet :smile:
@RubyWolf1 thx!
@Glitter_Kitty aww
@GiraffeProductions Aw thanks!
@DancingLollipop :smile:
@Lightningstrike speechless emoji? Thank you aww!
@seawolfwerehorse :heart:
/join ToastedFlame
:flushed: :confused: :open_mouth: COPYCAT!! OF ME!! Wut u doin?


If I saw you in real life I'd be like speechless then be really happy because you're really cool and I luv your drawings!


If I met any hopscotcher I would grin and hug them!
Even if they were starstruck :wink:


Make an emoji pattern describing how you'd feel like if you got $100. Extra points if you use these: :blush:🤗
Good Luck!


Lol! That would be so awesome if I met you!


This is my entry:neutral_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::open_mouth::smile:🤗🤑🤑🤑:blush: