Emoji Avatar Requests!


Need an awesome avatar for your profile picture? I can make one for you on Hopscotch! Here are some examples:
Laser Caterpillar Lady

Annoying Carrots



Can you make it trail art emojis?


Hm what do you mean


Or pixel art Emojis?


I don't understand, can you explain


So you pick an emoji in the emoji keyboard, and recreate it as Trail art


And then add a different feature such as lasers


Sure I can, but it must be a mix of emojis. What would you like


Exactly, you pick real emojis but instead of just putting emojis you make those emojis as Trail art. Tou Laser Caterpillar Grandma, you could make that but Trail art


Sorry for the confusion, I was just thinking :thinking:


I can good idea.


Oh yes and I would like a car :red_car: with Rainbows coming out of the back ( I Guess..... )


Kids like my animal Request they pick an animal and I make it, but in your case they pick an emoji and you recreate and add extras like lasers


Sorry instead of kids I meant kinda