EmmabugTV-My New Channel!


Full credit to @Bubbles4Ever929 for this idea! I thought of none of it!

Welcome to your favorite channel, EMMABUGGGGG TV! We will be hosting contests and shows!


6:00-6:15, Saturday: Saturday Night Hopscotch!

Throughout the week: Emmabug's Project of the Week!

Everyday, all the time: Shoutout Mania!

I am hiring an assistant to help manage my channel. The position is availed to everyone.
Please suggest new shows, or even ask for permission to host your own here!


Is it on YouTube?
I'm excited for this!


It's time for a quick session of Shoutout Mania! Who do YOU think deserves a shoutout and why?


It's not on YouTube, just on the forum :slight_smile: I wish it could be a YouTube thing but I don't have a channel!


Shoutouts, anyone? Here's some from me:


Thanks so much! You're always so nice! :smiley:


You're welcome! You are nice too!

Share the shoutout, guys! Let it explode, 'cause this is SHOUTOUT MANIA!


Wow! You have made my day more than enough. XD

How about....

WAIT. :0

I don't see @EmmabugOnTheForum on there! D:

You should really add her, she's very caring and sweet! c:


(Awwww...thank you! I'm probably starting to sound like a kiss up, but I mean everything I say!)

Shoutouts galore, peeps! Keep em' comin'!


You're not. c:

You're really awesome. c:


(Thanks for the millionth time! :wink:)

Shoutouts, people! Let's do this thing!


@Gilbert189 is a great coder! Shoutout to him! Edit: Shoutout Mania ends at 6:50! Let's take advantage while it lasts!


Omg you are soooooo nice!!!!!!!!! I'm adding you to my list of friends in my bio!!!!


That's so sweet! Thank you!!


Hey do you have g.mail?


Um me or someone else?




SHOUTOUT MANIA HAS ENDED! We had a great time!


I do not have a g.mail account, why?


G.mail accounts and YouTube are both in one google account