Emily Is Away Collab



I know, another collab, blah. Well, this is going to be a heck of an advanced one. Have you played Emily Is Away on your computer? Have you ever wanted to play it on Hopscotch? Or are you itching to find out what this "Emily Is Away" game is? Well, here it is.

Emily Is Away is a game about you speaking to a girl who you want to... Well, let's say be friends with. The game starts off with you going onto one of those super pixely old computers, and you choose your avatar. You go through different years talking to her (Emily), and it's super fun! It's free on Steam.

So who do I need to help?

  • Someone who has played the game.
  • A pro at decorations, maybe some sin and cos will be used.
  • A pro at having different options with different outcomes. That's important.
  • Someone who can do text art (there is the default windows xp background to make!
  • anyone who has played the game and can help!
  • someone who can do some nice, calm music.

If you meet any of these requirements, reply below! This collab is something I really want to do, so please, don't say you'll join and then drop out! Thanks guys!


Hope you can help!


I really want to help.

But... I've never played the game before... ;-;


I wanna help but I don't think I'll have time...sorry D:


I wanna help

But I haven't play the game.

I'll check if I can download Steam.


I wanna help too but I don't have time. Very sorry!


I want to help really badly! :D


i never played... but... AND HIS NAME IS...


Windows XP computer* lol


I love that part! I've done it before XD


also, friendliness PETALS.


I did that as well! That was funny too xD