EMERGENT Bug Report: Stuck in filter for no reason


On my latest project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/z653j6bf2
I did a lot of testing. So I had the word ‘stupi d’, then I deleted it.

I posted the project and it won’t show up in other peoples profile. It is stuck in the filter, even though I deleted the restricted word.

Help: @Awesomeonion, @Liza, @Rodrigo
(Is the word kill bad?)

My project got fixed by MR.GAM3R who deleted it from the JSON but this can cause problems for other hopscotchers too so please take note of this bug.


How did you delete it/ have it in there?


The word stupi d didn’t delete in the JSON file, for some reason


Probably how you deleted it. I’m careful to avoid dong that.


Yeah, I don’t know why it didn’t delete completely. I wish there was another way to do your testing a no one can see it.


How’d you delete it?


MR.GAM3R went into the JSON and deleted it.


No, before


I just dragged it in the delete box thing.


What was it? A block? An object?


A text, and the set text had the bad word


That’s it.

Yeah, I use a set text block which I make say wonderful then replace with set angle.