Embed code in Web Player


If you could, could you make an embed button so you could embed a hopscotch project (in the web player) in another site?
If you could, you can save the embed code as index.html and publish as a web app!


What does embed mean? I looked it up but it still doesn't fit wat u said :open_mouth:


Hi @H4x0r, embed means to insert something (e.g. video, map) on a webpage.

Here is an example of an embedded map (of Grand Central Tech in NYC where Hopscotch is :wink:):

You can move it around and zoom in too just like on Google Maps!

You might have seen this, which is how you embed things like maps and videos:

And here's what an embedded YouTube video looks like (this is from Hopscotch's YouTube channel):

(And here's a tutorial by @Madlipsgirl on how to add YouTube videos on the forum in case you're wondering :smiley: )

Hope that helps explain what embedding is and if you have other questions about it feel free to ask :smile:

How to embed on the forum?

We're kind of sort of working on this. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows. We'll need to wait. Not that I can confirm but maybe I can. :smile: