Emails on the hopscotch forum



Can two people have the same email on different accounts ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You cant share emails on the fourm....


Nope! You can not share emails on hopscotch, please delete it, it's dangerous!


Nice catch, @SmilingSnowflakes! You're fast... :laughing:


Thank you. xD

You're faster, I swear you close all the (bad) topics in a blink of an eye. XD
I never get there in time! You're so fast. c:


i don't think you can.
go to and keep that open until you confirm your accoumt.


I have confirmed my account !



@SmilingSnowflakes used the c: emoticon. What happened with the :D emoticon! XD

@Silverdolphin, you can't share your email. D:


Don't you mean you can't? XD


Oops. XD

IM GONNA FIX IT NOE! 1!!1!1!1!1!1!11!


Exactly what I was going to say, fren! XD


A funny post ! Please do not take this as offence :wink:



I love c: and :D, both of them are so cute. XD