Emailing the THT! No THT Allowed!

Hi Hopscotchers,

I am sending a email to THT. Anybody want to be in it? Deadline day is February 28, 8:00 PM.


To tell them how great they are or something?!

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Why would we want to be in it?

Yes. Wanna be in it?


Words you wanna send to THT

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So do you just write something and say from Paige1212 and all the hopscotches that want to be in it?'

How great they are. Come on!

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Not meaning to be rude.

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No, you tell me what praise (or other) you want to send and I will.

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I love your work and I love that you created this lovely wonderful coding app and this wonderful forum!
Your the best

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Am I supposed to write a small message for them about what makes the app great?

I do!!!! :smiley:

Yes. That is all you need.

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You guys are so amazing. Thanks for everything X3
- RubyWolf
My message! :3

Do that. Then I can add it.

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You guys are soupr awsum and deserve a million wafflz! Now, everyone in my grade is super interested in coding. Thanks for making this wonderful app and giving me an actual life!

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You have been super supportive, and created an awesome app! Great job!


Is dis good lolol XD

I'm in!

Your work is amazing, keep up the good work! Thanks for making the app that made my really interested in programming!

Thanks for making this app! It's changed me (in a good way!) and I'm really glad I learned how to code! —Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon:

Oh my chickens that sound cheesy XD