Emailing Issue (don't open emails sentence by How To Prevent It


SO basically three HSF users have been getting these weird emails and they were hacked. MobCraft has recently checked his spam folder and saw an email having to do with CZ is code for the Czech Republic, but this has nothing to do with the Czech Republic, I'm pretty sure. is a fake emailing service, and all emails sent with it are automatically put into the spam folder. If you see these emails, just delete them and don't look at them or open any links they may have. Don't respond either. If there's a way to, block emails from the website. Unless the Czech Republic made this website, they have nothing to do with this. Check all the links I put in the post above except for unless you wanna see the website.
Be careful and don't trust these websites.


Doubt that the Czech made it. Probobly just spam, so either ignore it or just don't check your spam folder lol


It's a fake emailing websites that's taking the emails and identities of people and sending them to contacts


Phishing site?

Does it ask for your email?


It takes the identities and emails of the people that the emails are sent to.


Well I guess we don't use throwaway mails then


Well it's bad so just don't click on it


I said that already....


Thank you for alerting me! Thank goodness...


These emails link you to a replication of Google. It asks you for your email and email password.


The site is not real. It will steal your personal info.


Can't you put in a fake email and password


Yes, sure, you can.

Just don't actually be fooled by the website and end up entering your credentials.


If you click a suspicious link in an email, it can hack your email to send it to more people. just don't click suspicious emails at all.


Thanks for the information! This is really scary, and it's good you let people know! :D
If I get an email I'll know what to do.


One time my Mom got an email saying that her credit card was hacked, and there was a link telling her to fix it. It was really convincing. The email was an exact replica of the credit company's emails, and when she clicked the link, it led her to a fake website. It looked super real, and it asked for her credit card number, her password, and all that personal info. My mom was about to enter it in, but then she noticed the website addr.ess. It was not the credit company's web addr.ess, and my Mom didn't think anything was wrong with her credit card. So, to all: be sure, before entering any personal info into a website, you check the website ad.dress!



Also never trust an email saying
1. You've won some cool prize (click here to view)
2. There's a problem with __ .
3. ... etc

They're only tricking you into giving your personal deets.


Yeah, the same thing actually happened to me, as well. I ended giving away my password, but then immediately realized the mistake and changed my password.

I'm still very weary of this stuff... It's terrifying to me, to be honest.


I hate those ads that say your iPad had been selected for a gift


One time I was 6 idk how but I got onto those websites that say "oh congrats prize hour idk" So i clicked all da things den I said to mai mom "which one should I pick" and then she said "GET OUT OF THAT NOW"

This one time I clicked on this thing pretending to be club penguin stuff (like I was 6) and I couldn't close out of it so my mom had to call apple lol

Okay LGBOT :sweat_smile: Anyways stay safe kids