Email not sending


I'm trying to make an alternate account but the email's not sending? (I'm using the website


oh hai Maltese
i see u


I thought so too, but I went back to the forum, then back on and underneath your email you'll see the 'confirm your account' thingy email.

If that doesn't work then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im not that smart sorry


Ok I'll try


it didn't work ;-;


Hmm.... I don't know then ;-;

Maybe try reloading it again??


Okay I'll try thanks!


That's funky! :0
It worked for my alternate account (not active anymore) but that was a long time ago. Just try reloading. Also, there is a "Confirm" email that I'm pretty sure you have to accept before using your account. Good luck on making your alt account!


@JaggedJeans why does it say u replayed to @PurpleFlames????


PF deleted her post


That happened to me, some emails think that HS is spam...