Email and First Share Badge


I'm trying to collect some badges and I literally have NO IDEA on how to get the "First Reply By Email" and the "First Share" Badge!! Someone please help!! (I summon the @Huggingfluffybear!!)


I don't think the first reply by email exists.

But for sharing a post it means like sharing a link see the
"" up there? Two that hit copy and paste it and you should get the bade!


Well you can get badges for getting a lot of likes and giving a lot of likes.


i think it's impossible, or pretty hard to get that email achievement. it looks like a bronze medal, but it should be double triple gold.


Oh wait, they do have that badge!

Ohh update!


What does the first reply via email even mean?



Test Test, This is a test to try to get the link!




Hey, let's move over to the talk to a hopsoctcher topic!


There is no such thing.....I think...


Its says no one has the badge!!


We'll I kinda gtg soon so..ya know....



Probably because none uses email... Lol all we people use is snapchat,kik,Instagram lol


Lol Hahahaha nice
Illuminati confirmed!


AHH that scared me to near I don't know!

I hit full screen on the video by accident and my heart skipped a beat​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I figured it out!



Ok, I'm trying again!!


See what I mean, @Candycane?
Nothing like my day…